So much of happiness, eye-moistening joy and few scenes that literally let you jump up with craziness. Such is the wonderful experience of watching Nagarjuna-Karthi starrer ‘Thozha’, which has been garnering heart-warming response in theatres. A good film isn’t just about entertainment, but offers something to carry back home. Precisely, Thozha brings out some best life inspiring messages and here are some that we felt that was close to heart.

1. Money cannot buy happiness


A blind myth that everyone has developed over the ages that ‘Luxury and Money’ alone are the solutions to man’s problems. So is Seenu (Karthi) here until he gets enlightened with the words of rich billionaire “If Money is the key to happiness, I should be the happiest man in the world.” It is a beautiful message conveyed, where it applies on most of the beings of contemporary society, where acquiring money is the greatest desire.


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