For some, films are just a sort of entertainment, where they are happy if they walk out of theatres with some fun and smile on their faces. Some consider it as an art and everything they watch an exceptional film, it’s like manna from heaven. But for few, films are inspirational…. We bring you cherry pick of 10 motivational Tamil movies that has drawn out streams of inspirations upon many and for some giving more hopes and values as well.

36 Vayadhinile


“A woman’s success is a pride to whole family…”

The film marking the comeback of Jyothika in films after span of 8 years came as an inspiring film that impacted beautifully in many lives. Even many men gave their testimonies on how lethargic and selfish they have been by not encouraging the talents of their spouses, mothers and sisters. In fact, they made a change in the lives of their spouses.


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