Revelling and relishing moments in life come with some of the rarest persons we meet. Especially for a boy, it turned to be a compelling element of his life right from the start of his ‘TEEN’ day, where he can’t stop dreaming about the girl he wants in life. His wish list runs into long queue. Ah! Remember this! He turns irresistible with colourful butterflies all over his splendid dream paradise, when he comes across some salient girls on the screens. This list is some of the cherry-picks that you can’t stop falling in love with.

-Written by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

Maya (Kaakha Kaakha)

There comes a moment in every guy’s life – Moment of self-realisation. You might be scoring the brownie points, everyone might be admiring you, but she enters your life and then you start falling in love with yourself. A rare incredible magic she creates in you. A soul mate imbibing perpetually into your soul that her beautiful impressions are written all over your life.


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