Starviews Trivia - 15 rules of Mankatha
Written By Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

Mankatha – The word is enough to pull out the extreme excitements and exhilarations among ‘Thala’ fans. Mankatha, the greatest magnum opuses of almost everyone in the team and it’s release date is regarded as a stunning event in the pages of Tamil cinema. Every frame was a peck of delight, every dialogue became an epitome of punch and every shot of Ajith Kumar turned many as his fanatics.

A game that started on August 31, 2011…

A game that spangled theatres in irresistible invigorations…

Even the greatest ‘Games’ would be on a ‘Replay Mode’ for few days,

But this ‘VENKAT PRABU GAME’ is on the relentless replay mode and the magic still continues.

Marking the 4th anniversary of Mankatha, we bring some analysed powers of love from this film. This is just an analysis of perception and creativity.

Hope you all like it….

1.Maintaining a ‘Formless Attitude’

Vinayak Mahadev makes lots of powerful plans as an introvert, but he never displays the strong form outside. He remains so genuine and friendly with other conniving persons in his group until the right time comes. When someone shows up their original form of attitude and plans, the opponents start predicting the nature and remaining ‘Formless’ is the best gesture, if they are really looking up to gain power.


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