Captain Vijayakanth as the word prefixed to his name, he has been such a genuine personality who has been a pillar to the Tamil film fraternity and an exceptional philanthropist that you might have not know about.

As the legend actor celebrates his birthday, we bring you some of interesting facts about the star.

  1. Vijaya Raj hails from Madurai and on his arrival in Kodambakkam was renamed as Vijayakanth.
  2. When many stars possessed stunning physique and looks, Vijayakanth was an exception with ordinary looks and never had any film background to support him.
  3. Vijayakanth made his debut with the film ‘Inikkum Ilamai’ and his very next film ‘Dhoorathu Idi Mulakkam’ won National award, which was directed by S.A. Chandrasekhar.
  4. In spite of getting huge offers from various regional industries, Vijayakanth happens to be the one and only actor who didn’t take up any offers other than Kollywood.
  5. During this time, when superstars like Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan were teaming up only with A-league directors, Vijayakanth created a new trend of giving chance to newcomers.
  6. Vijayakanth holds a prominent status for introducing the best talents from Film Institute that includes Aabhavanan, R. Sundarajan, R.V. Udhayakumar and many more. The films in their collaboration with Amma Kovil Kizhakaale, Vaidhegi Kaathirundhal, Captain Prabhakar and Umai Vizhigal were tremendous blockbusters.
  7. Vijayakanth’s helping hands didn’t end merely towards the directors, but he has been a pillar for the success of many actors that include Ibrahim Rowthar, Kazhaan Khan, Arun Pandian, Anand Raj, Mansoor Ali Khan, etc.
  8. Ilayathalapathy Vijay made his debut in films in Captain Vijayakanth’s Naalaiya Theerpu.
  9. Well, although Raj Kiran had introduced Vadivelu in the industry, it was Vijayakanth who offered him substantial roles.
  10. It is worth mentioning that Goundamani had rejected to share screen space with Vadivelu in the film ‘Chinna Goundar’. But Vijayakanth took personal efforts in convincing Goundamani and roped in Vadivelu. Similarly, when Gangai Amaran and Goundamani again refused to have Vadivelu in ‘Kovil Kaalai’, Vijayakanth made a ceasefire and offered an immense opportunity to him.
  11. When the Tamil Film Director Union was stumbling with heavy loss and loan to payback, Vijayakanth took effective measures to make things better and completely settled the due credits. Moreover, he became the first ever person to organise Singapore and Malaysia show with the entire Tamil film industry.
  12. Although, he didn’t have any political support, Vijayakanth took a bold attempt of foraying into this arena with a good heart of favouring the people and society. Till now, he hasn’t utilised any actresses as the brand face of his political party to gain the public glare.
  13. He was one among the pioneers to organise free computer classes in the village and many have benefitted from many.
  14. In accordance to the deplorable lives of Eelam Tamilians, he has stopped celebrating his birthday and has named his son as Prabhakaran as well.
  15. On his every birthday, he has maintaining it as a ritual of donating beneficial funds and philanthropic activities.



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