A wait for 2 years and one couldn’t really keep their excitements under control. The first part ‘Endhiran’ released in 2010 is still the most enjoyed album of AR Rahman. Perhaps, 2.0 might not completely be a wholesome package for AR Rahman-Rajinikanth fans as it has just 3 songs in the album among which only 2 are released now. Let us have a glimpse on the tracks and its analysis.

Raajali Nee Gaali

Singers: Blaaze, Arjun Chandy and Sid Sriram

Lyricist: Madan Karky

What else can you say? It is beyond our imaginations and AR Rahman takes Tamil music to the next level with his magnetizing ‘Sound’ sense. When it comes to the musical part, the sync brass synthesized with a much elegant style appears as rhythmic pattern throughout the song just like the female phonation was used for ‘Thalli Pogathey’. The song begins with the style of ‘Imagine Dragon – Believer’ and it gets a fantabulous vocalization from the masters of Rap and Hip Hop. Blaaze, Arjun Chandy and Sid Sriram make it more enticing. The mixing of several sounds is an intriguing part of AR Rahman and this one eventually is the upgraded version. But the lyrical part is completely in contrast with the local flavour, where Madan Karky uses the local Tamil rhyming ends like Ranguski, Mooku Pudi, Nee Gaali – Inaikku Deepavali. Podimaasu-Pattaasu, Putta Caseu. It looks like an introduction song of Chitti – The Robot and it cannot get better than this treat for Rajinikanth fans. The ending with the brass with marching drum beats in the synch makes it a perfect ending.


Endhira logathu

Singers: Sid Sriram, Saasha Thripati  

Lyrics: Madan Karky

Much alike the first track, Madan Karky comes up with the lyrics that has rhyming ends, which will immediately grasp into our senses. Sid Sriram and Saashaa Tripati happen to be the latest cherry pick of AR Rahman and these singers have been integral part of his Chartbuster hits. The song travels with a slow paced EDM and by the second minute transits into an unimaginable pace, which will turn your ordinary rooms into dance floors. One can imagine, Amy Jackson would have given her best for the dance here. The fill-ins that Rahman silently inserts in between the lines would definitely get into our attention as the time brews. He has implemented the song with so much of layers, which we start noticing instantly. The ending gets with a fantabulous mixing of sound mix and vocalisms.


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Purely International! AR Rahman upgrades Tamil music to 2.0 version


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