Written by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

Films with good contents not alone entertain the audiences with its immense substance, but impart some beautiful lessons that one could relate or follow upon. Vijay Antony’s Pichaikkaran is film of such great illustration, where the crowds are acclaiming it not alone for the emotional quotients, but for the beautiful moral lessons they’ve experienced.

1. When you believe in something, let it be a blind faith

In life, we have to blindly bank on our faith on something with hard work and complete hope. As the film comes to an end with just one more day pending for the protagonist to complete his 48 days of penance, his friend insists him to give up on this unwanted beliefs and come see his mother who is about to breathe her last. But we see him utter a line, “The greatest strength of belief is having complete faith itself.”

2. True love will never forsake a person irrespective of what they might be…

True love doesn’t know status, money, fame, appearance or power. True love is about adoring the soul and inner nature of someone. In spite of knowing that the protagonist is a beggar, his lady love doesn’t forsake him and makes sure that she is with him, whatever the situation maybe.

3. The more good you do, the more goodness you will be bestowed with

Just as the famous proverb quotes, “As you sow, you reap the harvest”, when you do something good to others, it will come back multiplied. The protagonist keeps helping the beggars beside him and when he is tested by hard situations to give up his penance, especially at the hospital, when he has to call his friend to save his beloved one, we see the same beggars getting in for help.


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