It’s often said that an actor loses market when they start dating someone or get married. It has been a never ending scenario from the ancient times till the date. Who can forget the moment when millions of girls went jealous about Suzanne on marrying Hrithik Roshan? And they wildly turned their focus towards Shahrukh Khan again (He married Gauri Khan) prior to his embarkation into films. Well, we bring you exclusive look 7 celebrities of Tamil film industry in the best league of spell, who was married before making their debut as mainstream actors.



When Vikram was going through lots of problems with a multiple leg fracture and was leading three years of life over the crutches, there came a solacing delight to this man in the form of Shailaja Balakrishnan. They fell in love and got married in two different cultural style in the Hindu and Christian traditional style in 1980.


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