90ml Movie Review

90ml Movie Review

Anita Udeep shot to fame for her beautiful rendition of ‘Azhagiya Asura’ in Whistle. Following this, she made her directorial debut through ‘Kulir 100 Degree’, which was a technically beautiful movie. However, it looks like she wasn’t happy about the way the audiences received the movie. Apparently, this could have prompted her to make a film like 90ml. Well, there have been lots of assumptions prior to the release of how the film could be. No wonder! This is how the makers wanted to promote the movie although the basic premise has a different touch. Let us look into this 90ml Movie Review on how well it impresses the audiences.

The story revolves around 4 girls in an apartment get befriended with a newly moved in occupant Rita (Oviya), who changes their lives forever bringing solution to their problems.  There could be couple of different dimensions on how the film could be perceived.

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A particular section of audiences might feel how the girls could be portrayed in such a way. On the other hand, when similar movies with boys were depicted as in Venkat Prabhu’s GOA, why not accept them. With so many debates that might run within your minds, the reality is that Anita Udeep is so amateur with her directorial skills, especially her screenwriting is so bleak. We are not getting into those revolutionary thinkers, who don’t like women speaking up to their heart as in the trailer. But, it doesn’t have any intensity to the tale and by the end; it’s just an okay kind of movie. There is nothing special to mention about Oviya and her real life happy-go-lucky nature might have been reflected here too. The other girls look like an inappropriate one for the roles they have played.

STR’s musical score isn’t so much appealing and his cameo too doesn’t add any advantage to the film.

On the whole, 90ml is a movie that has a good core concept that delves into certain personal issues of women. However, the way it is projected as a mix of fun and emotions doesn’t hold us intact. Moreover, filmmaking is a sense of personal interests and creativity, but this is an immature attempt.



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