96 Movie Review

96 Movie Review

96 Movie Review

Much prior to kick-starting the analysis of 96, there are couple of things that will happen with the audiences. There are few people who would like to experience certain pain life and feel the taste while others might refrain from it. The film belongs to the first category, where you’ll know what’s going to happen between Ram (Vijay Sethupathi) and Jaanu (Trisha) by the middle of story and yet you don’t want to get away from them. When Jaanu narrates the story of how the teen Ram proposed Jaanu with the background song of ‘Kadhale Kadhale’, it’s going to be relentless claps and tears with blind hopes in minds of audience.

The plot is simple and if you’re gonna ask someone, who has watched the film to narrate you the tale, it’s literally impossible. It’s more like you become a participant in their drama and sometimes, chances are heavy to get yourselves reflected there. One thing that instantly makes you believe that every actor in the film have given their inmost involvement in the film is where Jaanu sings ‘Thendral Vandhu’, we find Bhagavathi Perumal and Devadarshini have their eyes moistened. It’s so real! And there are many such sequences that imbibe us in similar condition as well.

While Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha give their emotional blast in many sequences, it’s Younger Ram (Aaditya Bhaskar) and younger Jaanu (Gouri G Kishen), who give more life. In fact, half the movie is breathed through their performances. The scenes where they have their first love expressed through emotions and not in words are so much realistic.  The scene where Vijay Sethupathi narrates how he was behind Trisha without her knowledge just gives you Goosebump with BGM of Govind Vasantha. Cinematography is yet another highlighting trait about the film, where it remains as a character than equipment. The opening song ‘Life of Ram’ is just amazing, where we get to see the beautiful landscapes. There are few shots that get instant appreciations.

By the end of show, it’s going to be an emotional connect with the film, where there is plethora of bittersweet experience.

  • 75%
    96 Movie Ratings - 75%




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