The title ‘Adhey Kangal’ was more than an enough factor for Tamil audiences to look upon this film. The yesteryear movie with the same title that was released before decades happens to be the well celebrated mystery-thrillers of all times. Especially, when the biggest actors of Tamil cinema over the years had tried to acquire the title, AVM Productions never intended to give them the rights. But when CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment managed to get it, the expectations touched a pretty good level in radar letting us anticipate something different.

The film directed by debut filmmaker Rohin Venkatesan revolves around a visually impaired chef (Kalaiyarasan), who has hit headlines many times for his delicious food in his owned hotel. Beautiful journalist (Janani Iyer) has been through a soft corner for him around 7 years. Meanwhile, during a night before the closing hours of restaurant, a girl (Sshivada Nair) comes into his restaurant and they share a bonding vibe that changes his life forever leading to unexpected turns and twists.

Firstly, what happens throughout the whole movie is that it fails to have a gripping narration throughout. Being a genre called ‘Mystery-thriller’, it fails to give the Goosebumps and thrilling moments anywhere except in few places. Post-intermission, even the investigations to unravel the mystery proceeds on a predictable note, where you tend to make a right guess on what’s the drama all about who’s the culprit is. Moreover, there are whole lot of ‘Thegidi’ traces here and there, where nothing seems to really surprise you.

Kalaiyarasan tries to offer his best, but his scope for acting actually ends, when he gets his vision back. Janani Iyer looks beautiful and she doesn’t have much to perform while Sshivada Nair gets some scope to hit the bull’s eye. Bala Saravanan makes you laugh in few places and the whole second half is carried by him or else the film would’ve sunk through half way.

Ghibran’s musical score is a huge disappointment, where there is nothing so special. Cinematography and editing are too ordinary that doesn’t evoke a ‘Thrill’ feel anywhere.

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The film holds a very vague plot and too predictable screenplay that you make the right guess even before intermission.


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