Airaa Movie Review

Airaa Movie Review
Airaa Movie Review

Filmmaker Sarjun is well known for his unique thinking when it comes to conceptualizing themes and turning them into celluloid versions. His making style happens to be the greatest plus and it has been so much evident with his short films ‘Maa’ and ‘Lakshmi’ followed by his directorial debut ‘Echcharikkai’. So how well does he manage to score the brownie points in this second outing titled ‘Airaa’ starring Nayanthara in dual roles? Let us have a crisp and clear-cut analysis in this Airaa Movie Review from Starviews.

The film revolves around Yamuna (Nayanthara) working at a media house. She wants to escape from the clutches of her parents, who have arranged her marriage. She stays at her grandma’s house in a village near Pollachi, where paranormal activities start happening. On the parallel track, a depressed youngster (Kalaiarasan) is running behind the mysterious deaths of several persons including a lorry driver, who has caused an unbearable loss to his personal life.

There are certain promising things in the film, which cannot be missed out. Nayanthara as Bhavani leaves us completely amazed. To be precise, her performance in this role can be regarded as the best in her career till the date. We would suggest that if this character was extended in a separate film as a love story, then she would have become the lady superstar of sub-urban and rural zones instantly. Well, nothing to be blamed now as she has done a perfect job. The episodes involving Nayanthara as Bhavani and Kalaiarasan are so much engaging and emotional too. The song ‘Megathoodham’ keeps haunting our memories, letting us hum, even after the show is over. Hats off to Sundaramurthy for a beautiful number… But it’s a big question on why he had to show the flashback scenes in black and white. Maybe, it’s director’s cut, but it would have a different impact with the rural and sub-urban audiences, who aren’t much bothered about the technical aspects. On the flip side, there is not even a single scene that scares or chills your spines. One particular scene, where Nayanthara finds that her house is in fire across the corners through CCTV cameras is appreciable. Yogi Babu doesn’t tickle your funny bones and he has to really work on some best laughter treatments hereafter. Kalaiarasan is commendable with his performance.

The scriptwriter has tried blending ‘The Butterfly Effect’ with ‘Supernatural’ elements. Yes, it’s appreciable, but when it comes to screenplay, the feeble writing turns out to be a minus. The first half travels with sluggish moments. The twist that comes immediately after post-intermission with the little boy is a crisp one. The film’s main plot revolves around a single incident, which can be believed to have been inspired from ‘Run Lola Run’ or in simple reference. ‘12B’. However, it doesn’t suit well and look promising as an overall experience.


  • 45%
    Airaa Movie Ratings - 45%


Technically good, but lacks Goosebumps. Except for the emotional of Kalaiarasan-Nayanthara flasback, nothing strikes your attention. Special mention to Megathoodham song!!! Nayanthara as Bhavani is laudable. But lack of strong screenwriting ruins the show.


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