Ajith Kumar’s strict ‘No’ to telephone operator and sudden surprise

Ajith Kumar

Now and then, one or the other things about Ajith Kumar keeps popping up, which isn’t something merely about his films, but personal life too. Filmmaker H Vinoth, who is now teaming up with Ajith Kumar for ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ had something more interesting to say in one of his recent interviews. He said, “I always think that I am down to earth and simple, but after coming across Ajith sir, I couldn’t actually handle him for he is so simple. I heard something from his close sources that once a telephone operator had been to his residence for clearing up an issue. After getting to know that it is Ajith Kumar’s home, he was looking out for some money. However, Ajith sir strictly said ‘No’ for they are getting paid by their higher officials for this job. The operator was so happy and even assured that he wouldn’t demand for any such money from anyone hereafter.

Actually, the telephone operator had told him that he has two daughters and that’s why he has been running here and there for money.

After few days, Ajith Kumar offered him a surprise by contacting him through his confidential personnel and took up the responsibility of taking care of his daughters’ complete academic fee.


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