Annabelle Comes Home – Movie Review



A Lighter, Humorous and Eerie

“Annabelle Comes Home” is the third instalment of the Annabelle franchise and the seventh film in The Conjuring horror franchise. The movie isn’t an original, but it’s well made.  You will see less of the Warrens and giving screen space to the Judy the daughter, nanny, nanny’s friend and a boyfriend. It has its jump scares with a lot of intensity.

The Warrens leaves their daughter Judy in the care of a teenage caretaker Mary Ellen later joined by her curious and s spirits obsessed friend Daniela whose curious nature and in hope of connecting with her dead father creates havoc by opening the door to the cursed, possessed artefacts and Annabelle’s resting place the cupboard she is kept in.

From the beginning, Annabelle the cursed doll is mentioned as a beacon of light to dead spirits. The Warrens lock her up in a blessed cupboard. In the third instalment expect a lot of scary ghosts, demons, and monsters, as well as very spooky sounds and music. A bleeding bride wielding a knife while, and stabbing Daniela and “vomiting” a stream of blood into her face. The eerie werewolf, who eats Judy’s chicken and random coins falling from upstairs and Annabelle with the evil grin. A white-haired priest who turns into one of those ghosts who will stare at you from across the street, like an obsessed person. Not forgetting the typewriter typing “Miss me”.

If there is a crossover of two dolls, Annabelle and Chucky would make a great pair. There were times when it got boring, little more jump scares would have made it interesting.  The film from beginning to end had a lot of darkness, yes, there were light moments and humour to cool down the nerves for those who can’t really survive a full-fledged horror movie.  

The movie has its moments of intelligence and a little bit of stupidity. Keeping the artefacts room key at a place where it can be found easily and some others too but you can turn a blind eye as it doesn’t make a difference. Annabelle Comes Home, without trying to out-creep The Conjuring, it pivots into a lighter, simpler, funnier film with a tighter plot and a few fresh monsters. If this is the last Annabelle-centric film in the series, I feel it will be a perfect final chapter.

Since the release of the movie, it is doing well at the box office and it’s a must-watch in theatre for the jump scares and the werewolf. A special mention, Judy has been taught well by her parents.

Annabelle Comes Home, now showing at Scope Cinemas.

By Menaka Indrakumar



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