Arjun Reddy remake – Bala’s Ego, 16Cr Loss, new director and Dhruv’s fortune

Over the past few days, there have been lots of buzzes on the airs about Bala’s Varmaa, which actually marks the debut of Chiyaan Vikram’s son Dhruv into the industry. An official press release from producers at E4 Entertainment claimed that they are not happy with the way how B Studios (Director Bala) had delivered them the final output. They have also mentioned that the film will be shot again freshly with a new team with Dhruv retained in lead role.

Here’s an interesting update we hear from the close sources.

The producers were completely disappointed with the way how director Bala had shot the film. More than the film’s output, it is reportedly Bala’s not so-good attitude that had hurt the sentiments of the producers. So they wanted to break the ego of Bala and henceforth they went ahead with this announcement. In fact, they had kept the future of Dhruv in mind as they didn’t want to ruin his future as it marks his debut. This is the reason behind them going for a fresh version despites the loss of 16Crore. While there are many names being sensationalized of directing the new version, we hear that the producers are preferring to go for Santhosh Reddy, who had directed the original as they want to wrap up the shoot at earliest and release it in June.

On his part, director Bala has issued an official press release claiming that he was the first one to walk out of the project due to creative difference of opinions. Furthermore, he has mentioned that talking more about it will ruin the future of Dhruv Vikram in the industry and so he wants to keep it all underplayed.


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