Article 15 Movie Review


Director Abhinav Sinha in his latest outing with ‘Article 15’ leaves you marveled with an outstanding writing. Thanks to Ayushmann Khurana’s spectacular act as it serves as a major attribute of show stealing elements along with applausive dialogues.

The story is set against a fictional village of Lalgaon, where a young IPS officer is posted and is involved in the investigation of three girls, who went missing. To a gruesome shock, two among them have been found murdered and one is still missing. Will he be able to crack the mystery and find her whereabouts?

The greatest highlighting factor about ‘Article 15’ is that the entire team and every department has treated it as a serious affair. Each and every element contributes with perfection, where we are commuted to the gloomy fictional village. It’s like; we are no more audiences, but spectators in the ambience. The first and earnest attraction gaining aspect is cinematography by Ewan Mulligan, where it’s so raw that you neither can’t avoid looking into some shots nor at the same time can’t miss it. The brilliant writing, where ‘thrills’ aren’t merely occurring the jarring BGMs and action blocks, but with treatment in unique style. It’s hard to keep the audiences engrossed with dialogues, especially when it comes to ‘Thrillers’. Director Anubhav Sinha pulls it off excellently in keeping things intact. He makes sure that the dialogues are powerful and doesn’t let the audience go loose out of attention. Of course, after certain point of time, we might feel little tiresome with some conversational episodes and characters that become plenty in number. However, with the extraordinary performances of major actors, which makes it more compelling. It’s an unheralded surprise from Ayushmann Khurana, who has created a mind-boggling spell with his transformational avatar. Even the other artistes like Zeeshan Ayub, Kumud Mishra and Manoj Pahwa, who despite their minimal prominence give in a best show.

On the whole, Article 15 is a must watch film for its engaging narration and stunning performances and fantabulous dialogues.


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