Asuravadham Movie Review

Asuravadham Movie Review Sasikumar
Asuravadham Movie Review
Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

Sasikumar starrer Asuravadham is an action thriller releasing on June 29, 2018.  Leela Lalitkumar is producing this film for Seven Screen Studios and Maruthupandian is directing this film. Earlier, he made his directorial debut with the film Chennai Ungalai Anbudan VaraverkirathuNandita Swetha is playing the female lead role, which has musical score by Govind Menon. In addition, SR Kathir is handling cinematography, who has already in almost all Sasikumar movies. Check out our Asuravadham Movie Review for more information.

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Looking back before 7-8 years, Sasikumar had made a film titled ‘Eesan’. It involved so much of raciness, mystery and edge-seated moments. The flashback sequence appears closely to the climax and it was very well convincing. Over here, ‘Asuravadham’ follows a similar pattern, where the first hour proceeds with complete raciness. It’s not just the so-called prey that keeps running confused with the identity of the hunter, even the audiences as well. But, the flashback sequences could have been slightly stretched adding some emotional quotients. Maybe, the director felt that it would drag the screenplay and hamper the raciness. But this is a script that deserves such treatment.

It is noteworthy that Sasikumar’s dialogues wouldn’t exceed more than 5-6 pages in 130 minutes of duration. This is really a great attempt. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker or film buff, you would never mind stealing the final draft screenplay of this film, especially for the first 40 minutes, where the dialogues are minimal. Everything travels with strong stunts, Govind Menon’s BGM and Kathir’s cinematography.


When it comes to performance, Sasikumar gives his best into the characterization. But to see him completely silent throughout the film is little odd.  But he is over the top performing action sequences. Nandita Swetha is almost is like someone in cameo appearance, who appear in just 2-3 scenes. Others in the star-cast have given their best.

Final Take

The logical quotients seem to be completely missing. What are the cops doing involving this issue? We don’t even see a single policeman involved in this drama.

Despites certain pros and cons, Asuravadham will appeal to the audiences for holding an intense theme, which is emotional. Who cares about logic and drama when the emotion has invaded their minds to send them back home with lump in throats, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, when analyzed critically, it’s an average package that has some racy moments, but gets diminished by logical misses.

  • 55%
    Asuravadham Movie Percentage - 55%




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