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When was the last time you saw a genuine no non-sense horror film in theatres? Perhaps it dates back to the times of Yaavarum Nalam, Eeram and just countable flicks. Over here, Siddarth and filmmaker Milind Rao come up with a brilliant writing, which is told to be based on true incidents. Aval features Siddarth and Andrea Jeremiah in lead roles with Atul Kulkarni and Anisha Angelina Victor in  important roles.

The story is set at the foothills of Himalayas, where a neurosurgeon (Siddarth) and his wife Lakshmi (Andrea Jeremiah) have been residing happily. When a new family occupy their neighbourhood, things take an abrupt turn with unexpected twists and turns.

Unlike many horror movies, where the flashback alone would reveal the characters involved in the buried past, we get to see few footages even before the title credits. These are the minute things that writers have worked well to avoid the stereotypical non-scary moments. In fact, the horror movies are not all scary as we tend to easily predict when the ghostly apparitions would show up. In Aval, there are moments that instantly chill your spines, especially in the first half. The mystery revealed by the film’s climax that links the intermission point is really awe-inspiring though we find the traces of Prithviraj-Priya Anand starrer ‘Ezra’.

Siddarth had assured before the release that Aval would be on pars with International horror flicks. Of course, it’s 100% true that the top-notch technical qualities, especially the cinematography just commutes you to the world of James Wan and Stephen King. But on the flip side, when the ghostly apparitions gets repeatedly visible in the second half, it turns out to be a routine commercial horror elements, though the screenplay is brilliant.

The screen presence of Siddarth is just classy and he looks stylish as before. Moreover, he exhibits an impeccably stylish act. Andrea Jeremiah cakewalks with her role as an emotionally bonded wife and innocuous yet bold when situation demands. Anisha steals the show unconditionally, particularly in the first hour. Atul Kulkarni is the perfect casting for his role.

Girishh’ background score and Shreyaas Krishna’s background score are the astounding brilliant flashes that makes ‘Aval’ a real horror film.

Overall, ‘Aval’ holds an exceptional theme in its premise. Athough the formulae of a horror genre cannot be changed, it tries to keep the audiences intact with mystery, suspense and Goosebumps at places.

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