Azhagu serial Mega Twist – Is Sudha Shakunthala Devi’s real daughter?


Azhagu serial Mega Twist – Is Sudha Shakunthala Devi’s real daughter?

Over the past few episodes, the viewership of Sun TV Azhagu Serial has been increasing due to an unexpected twist. It was all about Vasantha (Aishwarya) revealing that Poorna (VJ Sangeetha) is an orphan and was taken from a public waste bin when she was eight months old forsaken by her biological. Poorna along with her friend has been on the quest of finding who her real mother is and even visited a tantric person, who gave her some clues that her mother is still alive and is a billionaire. In addition, she is also said that there are siblings to her. Immediately, we are introduced to the family of Shakunthala Devi, a top billionaire and lawyer (Gayathri Jayaraman), whose lifestyle and family exactly matches with what the Godman told Poorna. However, it looks like the viewers are likely to get frozen in surprise with an unexpected twist. If what we predict is true, then it is Sudha Ravi (Shruthi Raj), who is actually going to be revealed as Shakunthala Devi’s biological daughter. In fact, we see that the character of Vasu Vikram, elder brother of Azhagammai is back to the picture after a long time, who we believe might hold the key to mystery.

Furthermore, it can be related that mother’s genetic gift of being a great lawyer has passed onto Sudha as both of them will be seen on other ends advocating in courtroom soon.

Well, this is merely our prediction and is done out of curiosity. Anyways, we are also waiting for the twist ahead.


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