It’s more off a greater experience for any filmmaker to have been associated with actors like Vijay and debutant Bala seems to be much lucky. Bala now makes his debut with a racy roller coaster thriller titled ‘46’ featuring Gautham Karthik in lead role. The film is about the illegal bike racing that happens to be an integral and inevitable part of Chennai. The film would focalize upon the reason why youngsters get indulged in this life risky sports and how it affects many innocents. Well, for Gautham Karthik, he has been exerting the best efforts to bounce up with a better spell.. It looks like this could be something more off a ticket to stardom. Bala has been an associate director for many hit films in the past that includes 3 movies of Ilayathalapathy Vijay including Velayudham, Jilla and Puli.

Ask Bala what is the significance of this title ‘46’ and he comes up with an interesting fact that it’s the bike number of Italian biker  Valentino Rossi and many illegal bikers out herein Chennai carry this number.


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