Billa 2 – Unknown tale of Vishnuvardhan’s script


Billa 2 – Unknown tale of Vishnuvardhan’s script

It is noteworthy that Vishnuvardhan collaborated with Ajith Kumar for the first time in Billa remake (2007).  5 years after the blockbuster success, the duo was reported of coming together for the second time through ‘Billa 2’. Nevertheless, due to some reasons, they couldn’t work. Apparently, filmmaker Chakri Toleti of Kamal Haasan’s Unnai Pol Oruvan came into picture. The film shattered many Day 1 opening of blockbuster movies taking a huge grand scenario.

But not many of us know what Vishnuvardhan’s version of Billa 2…was  It is said that the main highlight of his Billa 2 version was the logo that we see in the film’s title with multi-designed knives. Where David Billa sees that for the first time and how it influences him a lot was one of the important scenes out there. Moreover, Prabhu‘s character would be appearing almost through the film from the point of intermission. What actually made Billa become a notorious gangster was also a part of this script although it had a similar but very short delineation in Chakri Toleti version.

Although, the film didn’t happen, the friendship between both Ajith Kumar and Vishnuvardhan never faded. This was reason, why he was immediately invited to direct Ajith Kumar’s immediate next ‘Arrambam’.

Hope we see Ajith Kumar and Vishnuvardhan come together for Billa 3 soon.



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