Heavy showers, disastrous scenarios and unbearable pain that gushed through the nook and corners of Chennai. The land that never sleeps was bound to inevitable deplorable situations and the cries, upheavals and emotional outbreaks didn’t find an end. But one thing that couldn’t shatter us was the epitome of high spirits we carried. Chennai might be a city or name on maps just as many other tiny dots over the panoramic satellite view, but it has proved that it is a land of unstoppable spirit, energy and power.

The lessons we learnt that during this deplorable situation is more spiritual, where we witnessed whenever there are pain and worries, one need not wait for the God to respond, but his children would embark on the mission and make sure the planet is safe and peaceful.

The pains and turmoil found in the materialistic loss, especially homes that are drowned in waters. The lives lost unexpectedly and more losses would have left us with tears. The innocent cries of children, aged persons and innocuous pets.

It still rings in our hearts and tears might take some time to stop, but we are endowed with a beautiful gift that Chennai has evidently become the follower of universal principle – Love your neighbours.

This is the moment, where the lines of religion, caste and other differentiations were erased and all exhibited – Humanity, Love, Hope and Charity are the ultimate pillars of any religion and school.

Chennai will rise again and will continue to strive…


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