“It’s been a 3000 year of Sindhu Samaveli history, where the bull and man together have strived for centuries. Realizing this significance, Indian Government has placed it image in the emblematic signature of Government. While many in the world had addressed goats and cows as cattle, we Tamilians have ennobled it as ‘The Wealth’. Tamilians work hard as cows and they indeed work for cows.

Bulls are a part of every Tamil family and banning this Jallikattu is a means of eradicating the entire species from the history of world and humanity. The festive occasion of Pongal has ended and yet Jallikattu in accordance to ban didn’t happen. I humbly request Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to bring in immediate rule to organize it in Tamil Nadu, respecting the 12 Crore population of World Tamilians across the globe.

I have heard about the Independence revolt that happened many years before my birth, but I am actually witnessing it now with the unity and integration of youngsters. It is a miracle to see that the protest is happening without any political interference, without projecting any party flags, caste, religious or any classified signatures.

I have become the ardent fan of these youngsters, who have always been our fans (actors) fans so far. Before few years, PETA had awarded me the title of ‘Best Vegetarian Award’, but now I feel really ashamed of getting such accolade from this organization. At this juncture, I would like to make it clear that none of my family members or myself in  any way is associated with PETA.”


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