Every actor wants to prove the proficiency through a ‘Mass’ film. Of course, it’s a heavy high on demand genre for any actor who wants to get them elevated in career graph. One could easily figure out such movies like Sandakozhi, where Vishal’s status shot to high fame and so for Madhavan in ‘Run’. Atharvaa Murali after consecutive mediocre movies like Irumbu Kuthirai and Chandi Veeran has tried to bounce back with an impeccable film.

Eetti traverses through the life of an ambitious athlete named Pugazh (Atharvaa) hailing from the backdrops of Tanjore. His dreams come along with his father (Jayaprakash), a head constable and his mentor (Aadukalam Narain), who wants him to win. Through a wrong call, he gets acquainted with a beautiful girl (Sri Divya) in Chennai. Coincidentally, one of the most dreaded counterfeit manufacturer (RNR Manohar) crisscrosses with the brother of Sri Divya, who gets him snatched by police department. With all these characters connected by situations and more turmoil into life of Pugazh, will he manage to win the dream of desires?

Atharvaa, regardless of what his characterisation is sketched, we need to appreciate his hard work of developing a stunning six pack physique. His scrupulous efforts are so much evident in the athletic avatar. Even his performance as a jovial chap and in action sequences, particularly the stunts during the pre-interval portion is worthy of appreciations. This should have been his film instantly after Bala’s Paradesi, which could have easily lifted his status to a greater magnitude. Sri Divya looks more beautiful than before and her cute expressions make it more enlivening. RNR Manohar does complete justice to his character. His role has been very well etched by director Ravi Arasu and so is the one who plays his younger brother. These characters make a huge difference from usual baddies we see in Tamil cinema. Azhagam Perumal is good as usual. Jayaprakash brings out emotional essence.

Technically, the background score by GV Prakash intensifies the racy factors to a greater depth. Particularly, the score during pre-interval action and climax portions are really remarkable. Saravanan Abhimanyu has cranked the camera very well during fight sequences. What makes his work more appreciable is his proficiency in keeping the frame occupied with liveliness. The atmosphere created in the backdrops of every scene is so natural.

There isn’t much to mark upon the flip side as it carries all elements to fulfill the family audiences. The portions involving the baddies could have been slightly trimmed during the first half. The second half has racy moments and although the momentum drops during the interim, the climax makes it commendable.

‘Eetti’ is a feel good movie that will have a decent run in theatres. The film is for the ones, who throw back their rational thinking process of logics and just want to spend their leisure time watching an entertainer.


Eetti Movie Rating




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