En Peyar Surya En Veedu India Review

En Peyar Surya En Veedu India Review

Allu Arjun’s fan base out here in Tamil territories doesn’t need an introduction. The theatres in Chennai and or any part of Tamil Nadu is always studded with huge celebrations for his movies. With the visual promos and the film’s title En Peyar Surya En Veedu India, there were kind of assumptions that it could move out of his commercial paradigm.

The film opens with Surya (Allu Arjun) is a high-tempered army personnel, who dreams of serving country at the border. But his dreams are shattered for bumping off a terrorist imprisoned by military. He is thrown out of the military by colonel (Boman Hirani) and is insisted that his dreams would happen only if he get certified as a calm and patient person by top psychiatrist Rama Krishna Raj (Arjun), who is none other than his own father. What actually happened to cause the drift between father and son? Will his dreams get achieved? Will he reunite with his family? With so many questions to be answered, the film’s plot get intensified with a notorious don Galla (Sarathkumar) coming into the picture.

Filmmaker V Vamsi has taken an emotional plot, which could have turned out to be a dry one for Allu Arjun fans. But he doesn’t miss to add the mass elements and commercial ingredients of his style. Allu Arjun is perfectly stunning in dialogue deliveries and action sequences. Even his hilarious episodes are worthy of appreciations. The next immediate attraction is Action King Arjun. We get to see him completely in a new shade, which is one of the topmost attributes. The emotional connect between Arjun and Allu has been very well depicted. Sarath Kumar appearing as baddie could have got few more substantiality to his role. Anu Emmanuel doesn’t get much to perform.

The first half moves at a rapid pace and is quite entertaining as well. The post-intermission sequences are good indeed, but the running length could have been trimmed. But that doesn’t hamper our interest anywhere.

Overall, En Peyar Surya En Veedu India works out well and at places, we start feeling as though watching a direct Tamil movie. Since, the familiar personalities like Arjun and Sarathkumar are present in addition to the proper dialogues that synch well with the lip moments of all actors; it stands out to offer a good experience.



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