Roland Emerich and Baltasar Kormakur – Guess what makes them so different and completely unique in their ways of handling Nature Vs Man genres. Definitely, Roland Emerich (Day after tomorrow and 2012 fame) is someone who desperately loves to demolish the world emblematic buildings and monuments with his catastrophic tales. Had he directed this film, obviously, there would be more and more dramatic events of humankind winning over the hazardous plans of nature. Apparently, the difference how Baltasar employs is his ability to emphasize more prominence for actual portrayal of what happened during the 1996-Himalayan Expedition. But guess what? What you see in Trailer isn’t what you really feel while watching the feature. The film has loads of emotions, but most of the times and throughout the show, we are exposed to the topsy-turvy bound ice-capped mountains, where almost everyone is pushed to the deplorable deaths and one among them becomes a survivor. And just as it happens with Danny Boyle’s protagonist in 127 Hours, its Love and Will Power that brings him back with his nose and hands lost.

Bringing forth apt evidence, the film has crème de la crème elements with fascinating technical extravaganzas. Definitely, with such a mind-boggling 3D mastered visuals, if you’re watching it over a theatre that offers an ATMOS with super cool ambience, you’re credibly commuted to the peaks of Everest. On the flip side, most of the portions turn out to be a docu-drama style. In fact, with the film boasting of brilliant star-cast like Jason Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal, it should have been loaded with more dramatic events that bring adventures and emotions blended severely. But regardless of such promising actors, the drama turns out to be a mediocre. The sound designing and cinematography is so much compelling that they abruptly become characters in the movie than being a technical asset.

Finally, to walk out of theatres, though not having experience so much of adventurous encounters, we can carry a lease of good message – Love, Hope and Will Power can even cheat death and fate.





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