Gully Boy Tamil remake desired hot actor-musician combo

Gully Boy Tamil remake
Fan Boy Verithanam – Gully Boy Tamil remake with Dhanush-Hiphop Tamizha

Be it a top league actor, director or even a least of its rare film watcher, everyone has the fan boy or girl hidden within. This hidden avatar comes dashingly propelled after watching a huge movie that creates and spreads mania over that particular period. In all likelihood, the current sensation is all about Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy, which has grabbed the complete spotlights across the Indian and overseas markets. While producer Allu Aravind has reportedly acquired the Telugu remake rights with plans to feature Sai Dharam Tej in lead role, it is already a huge curiosity to know if Gully Boy Tamil remake happens.

In this case, as a Fan Boy, we prefer Dhanush would befittingly add the Golden-touch to this song for he will be more for the role of a Gully boy. Yet another reason why we love him is that he has the ability to sing the ‘Rap’ much alike Ranveer Singh.  Of course, Hiphop Tamizha has already proved of being a trendsetter in the world of Hiphop music across South. Well, if this duo combo comes together, it’s definitely going to be a ‘Verithanam’ festival in theatres.


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