Iravakku Aayiram Kangal Music Review

Iravukku Aayiram Kangal Review

Iravakku Aayiram Kangal Music Review

The film ‘Iravukku Aayiram Kangal’ is touted to be a mystery based thriller based on true incidents. Mu Maran has directed this film, which features Arulnithi, Mahima Nambiar and Ajmal in lead roles. Star Views brings you exclusive analysis of the album that comprises of four tracks.

Yean Penne Neeyum

Singers: Haricharan

Lyrics: Sam C.S

So much of depth and intensity is found in the vocalism of Haricharan and it’s a commonality in all his collections. Sam CS presents the song with more layers. You can listen to the silent strings and fill-ins throughout the song along with the major instrumentals and vocalisms. One of the highlighting traits about the song is sitar played by Kishore, which adds more beauty to the song.

Uyir Uruvaatha

Singers: Sathya Prakash and Chinmayi Sripada

Lyrics: Sam C.S

The song sounds like a routine and typical folk song for the rhythmic pattern and overall rendition sticks to its paradigms. The guitars and mild percussions during the first interlude are exquisitely done. Chinmayi scores the most during the first verse. The guitars and percussions offering a fusion like experience with violin as the dominant has its realms spread as well. Sathya Prakash reprises the same tunes of first verse that is crooned by Chinmayi.

Yea Pa Yeppappa

Singers: Sam C S, Swagatha

Lyrics: Sam C.S

Finally after couple of decent tracks, we get to see the ‘Vikram Vedha’ avatar of Sam CS. It looks like, he would be greatly acknowledged for such dark themed songs. It is the best cherry pick of the album, where Sam CS completely becomes present throughout the song. Not to miss the Carnatic vocals of Swagatha that comes as a spellbinding combustion. The heavy metal like music instantly becomes the attraction of the ones who admired the magical music of Sam CS for Vikram Vedha.

Nights of Neverland

Singers: Sam C S, Swagatha, Chennai Orchestra

Lyrics: Sam C.S

Yet another power packed track that boasts of high volatile orchestral package, which would definitely offer a massive impact with visuals, Every layer of this song is so much powerful that it instantly commutes us to the dark mysterious terrain of where this film’s premise is set up. It evidently becomes one more highlighting track of the album much alike the previous one.

Overall, Iravukku Aayiram Kangal brings us a decent experience with four tracks, where couple of them is elating romantic numbers and others with a phenomenal unconventional standard.  

Iravakku Aayiram Kangal Music Review
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Sam CS does a complete justice to the album with his musical realms.


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