-Written by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

Persistence, Patience, Will power, Compassion, Discipline and Dreams – If a sportsperson should be brimming with all these qualities; the coach has to been completely drenched in it. While a sportsperson might not know the future, the coach would foresee the capabilities and success they’re gonna shoot up. Turning completely cognizant towards these characterisations, filmmaker Sudha has intensely crafted the script, especially with the roles of Prabhu Selvaraj (Madhavan), a retired boxer, a coach now and Madhi (Ritika Singh), an amateur boxer.

Prabhu Selvaraj has faced the most terrible things in his professional career as a boxer and his personal life too. He comes to Chennai and witnessed a budding talent Madhi, a girl from the fisherman folk and tries to get the laurels she deserves. The complete film is about the emotional relationship between these characters and the hurdles they go through forms crux of the story.

Personally, we are in awestruck moment for Sudha Kongra. A woman filmmaker would obviously opt for some sweet breezy romance drama and of course, this has been the scenarios often persisting in Tamil cinema or maybe, to extent, we would see them make a social message oriented flick. Sudha Kongra throws up an abundant surprise throughout the film and she immensely proves to be the proficient protégé of Mani Ratnam. The making style in terms of narrative and technical aspects turn to be scintillating flash points. Although, the film is based on boxing, we don’t see unwanted punches anywhere and director sticks perfectly to what is required for the script.

It’s so difficult or a rarity to see a happening star like Madhavan to just shed his pre-existing image as handsome chap and watch Ritika say, “Dai Kelava,” (Hey old man), “Manasula Enna Dhanush nu Ninaipaa” (Hey do you think you are Dhanush)… Can you imagine a fabulous actor like Madhavan accept these dialogues? It’s a gate-opening gesture and yes we love Madhavan for this very reason. What to say about the performance of Ritika Singh? She never looks as an actor, but has lived the character so intensely. Everyone in the cast have everything to score. Be it hilarious witty lines or the emotional ones – the actors like Radharavi, Nasser and Kaali Venkat deliver it tremendously. The climax sequence where Nasser says, “Just go and see her. She has no life and you can give it with your presence” is something moistening the eyes.

Santosh Narayanan pulls out the best and this is the best till the date. Cinematography is so much compelling that you is commuted directly to the locations. The last 15 minutes – be it performance, music, cinematography or Sudha’s directorial brilliance, it just moves you to the edge of seats and for few, the joyful tears would happen.

End of the show, we all feel the need to see the women in our country, just let their passions and dreams come true.






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