Irumbu Thirai Movie Review

Irumbu Thirai Review
Irumbu Thirai Review

Vishal’s last year release ‘Thupparivalan’ had offered him a decent bounce back to the scenario of pulling audiences to theatres. The expectations grew decently over his new venture ‘Irumbu Thirai’. The film had its own ups and down during the production as it took a long time to reach the theatres. Finally, the film has got its worldwide release.

Kathiravan (Vishal) is exposed into web of dark world, where his very own personal life is at stake. He has to now take a blind run with nothing except his ‘BRAIN’. But is it that easy?

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PS Mithran has taken up a concept that instantly reflects our day to day life. But to see and realize that even our personal conversations and private moments are being seen by millions without our knowledge. His writing intelligence has to be appreciated for establishing the premise by title credits itself, where we hear “Pay 500 rupees and you’ll get hundreds of Aadhar Card details”.

If you’re looking out for any flip sides, there isn’t much except the time it takes for the protagonist to get into the major conflict. It’s just 20 minutes before the intermission, we Kathiravan getting into issue. Until then, the story has its sluggish moments. But the emotional encounters between protagonist and his father (Delhi Ganesh) is one such illustration. Even the scenes between Vishal and the one playing his younger sister has very nicely portrayed. Arjun throws up an intense performance, where his mannerisms and body language are massively powerful.

PS Mithran has tried presenting the realistic bitterness of Digital era’s flip side through every character. In many places, we find every character speaking about the conniving tricks of how people are victimized. Throwing lights upon the negatives of Adhaar Card and Digital India are shockingly repellent. Although the film has a running length of almost 3 hours, it keeps us intact. But it gains momentum only after intermission.

Dhilip Subbarayan has choreographed the stunts with abrupt massiveness. It could have been a real big challenge for him to plan the sequences with Action King Arjun and Vishal onboard. But, he has utilized  them with perfection. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score keeps the screenplay much more enhanced.


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