Words by Richard Mahesh Rajakumar

When Karunakaran walks from the restroom inside the haunted bungalow with the little ghost on his neck and the way he retaliates sends the entire theatre with huge laughter. Something never-seen-before indeed! Filmmaker Dharani Dharan directorial ‘Jackson Durai’ deserves special appreciation for one good reason – It stands out to be an exceptional one amongst huge number of horror movies that are frequently hitting screens. The concept is completely unique and this indeed keeps us looking out for what’s gonna happen next. To be precise, the first half offers sumptuous elements of entertainment with unlimited fun, but as the story traverses through the second half, there seems to be a dragging narration that actually hampers it all. Moreover, the reason and justification behind the paranormal activities from the buried past looks like a comic tale, but cannot be connected with the major group of audiences.

Set in backdrops of Ayanpuram, a farthest village from Salem, the film centers on a haunted bungalow that is reported to be possessed by ghosts, especially by ‘Jackson’. A good for nothing cop (Sibiraj) is assigned to handle this case and on his arrival, he immediately falls in love with a beautiful girl (Bindu Madhavi), who happens to be the daughter of village landlord.  When Sibiraj reveals his interest to marry Bindu Madhavi, he see that her cousin boy (Karunakaran) too wants to marry her. To settle the disputes, her father poses a challenge for both guys – To stay inside the haunted bungalow for a week time and the survivor would get to marry his daughter.

As mentioned above, the first half travels with a much engrossing status, where we don’t get tired. Such are the hilarious episodes we see throughout the first hour. But eventually as the story passes into the second half, there seems to be a drop in momentum as the humour goes missing. The 7-days narration of repeated drama could have been trimmed, which could have kept the screenplay more intact. The emotional context could have been yet more finely done, but it fails to connect us. But Dharani Dharan definitely deserves great acclamations for making sure that his horror tale should be something different from the hundreds of flicks from his league regularly releasing on Fridays.

The technical crew has done the best from its store, especially the art department and CG artists make an impressive show. Not to miss the sound effects, where even the minute detailing sound.

Bindu Madhavi appears and disappears like a flash and has nothing more to do with the script. Sibiraj has actually improved a lot with his screen presence and it is advisable that he continues to keep going with content oriented scripts. But he could do yet greater than what he performs. He has such potential stuff in him. Sathyaraj gives the best in emoting and tickling the funny bones. Naan Kadavul Rajendran is disappointing. Yogi Babu and Karunakaran just leave you with ached-ribs with their relentless comedy episodes.

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