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Junga Movie Review

As soon as we got to know that the blockbuster combination of Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara (Gokul, Vijay Sethupathi and Siddarth Vipin) are teaming up once again, the expectations got bigger. After much awaited phase, the theatrical trailer of Junga has been released. We bring you sneak peek into Junga Trailer Review for our viewers.

Junga Trailer Review

With a running length of approximately 3mins, Junga trailer has everything that an ardent Vijay Sethupathi fan would expect. The protagonist is seen with a powerful intro that actually reflects his real life mantra, where he says, “One shouldn’t pull down the ones who are trying to come up, but instead must go to the top and ask others to vacate the place saying there is no place there.”

By the end of trailer, we hear the voiceover of Vijay Sethupathi saying that he has spent a large money into the project and in turn, Yogi Babu says we shouldn’t blow our own trumpets. It’s obvious that even if Vijay Sethupathi had not uttered these words, we would have definitely appreciated the movie for production values.

The first attraction out here in the Junga trailer is the top-notch cinematography that is so much enthralling to our eyes. The exotic locales of Paris and other European countries are stupendously shown through the lens. Of course, the screen presence of Vijay Sethupathi is obviously the most captivating feature in this trailer.

Director Gokul doesn’t miss to establish all the characters out here in the trailer, where we see that everyone introduces themselves as Don’s mom, Don’s granny and so on.

It’s quite difficult to judge Vijay Sethupathi’s role as a hilarious or serious one for we tend to see the mix of both dimensions. Both the girls Sayyeshaa and Madonna look beautiful and it looks like their appearance would be prominent in the movie.


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