Kaathaadi Movie review


The story of ‘Kaathaadi’revolves around an international gangster who is utilizing an orphaned child to smuggle and 3 youngsters who cross his path in a coincidence, and try to rescue the child, Sakthi (Abhishekh Karthik) and Thupakki )Daniel) are 2 thieves hell-bent on going abroad. They decide that small robberies won’t help – so they decide to abduct a rich kid and ask for the ransom and use that to go abroad.

On another side, the daughter of Kali Venkat, who works in the hospital mortuary suffers from a serious heart problem – Kali Venkat wonders how to get the money for the costly treatment.

Baby Sathanya, daughter of Sampath, is seen by Sakthi and Thupakki as she gets down from an Audi car. They abduct her. At that time, they encounter Dhanshika and threaten her with a gun. Guessing their game, Dhanshika joins by goading them to ask for Rs. 50 lakhs.

However, Baby Sathanya gets hold of the gun and explains her real story to them. And.. the story moves on. The movie is attempted as a comedy thriller genre.

Abhishekh, actress Sridevi’s brother, makes his entry into films. He has performed ok. With more dedicated work, he would be wholeheartedly be welcomed. Daniel succeeds in his efforts to make the audience laugh. Dhanshika has also done well in her role. Baby Sathanya’s performance is excellent.

The other cast has all done their parts admirably well. The music and the cinematography are the positive points for the film. The editing is also crisp. The twists and turns in the story seem to blend and work well in the film.

The second half of the movie loses pace and would have improved with better action scenes. Rajendran’s role seems to be thrust into the story and is unnatural.

The flair for visual and comedy track displayed by director Kalyan in his previous film ‘Gulebakavali’ is missing here. With better pace in the 2nd half and removing some unconnected scenes, the film would have come out better. 


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