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If we start to given an introduction to anything involving Superstar Rajnikanth and his projects, it would surely turn to be a long-long article. Lots of superlatives and acclamations it involves. So let us get straight to the point – Here it is, Kabali Music Review from Star Views. The film features Superstar Rajnikanth in lead role and is a crime drama that is based on true story with more and more star-spangling cast. Pa. Ranjith has helmed the project and Santhosh Narayanan has composed music.

Ulagam Oruvanukka

Singers:  Ananthu, Santhosh Narayanan, Gaana Bala, Roshan Jamrock
Lyrics : Kabilan, Vivek

Usually, when we get to hear the introduction song of Superstar Rajnikanth, there would be something more coherent to his real life reflections. But in this song, it’s a typical introduction track that is bounded more to the characterization called ‘Kabali’ and yes, there are lots of mass oriented lines. Moreover, it doesn’t just the praises about protagonist, but about his entire group that would surely get more brewed in accordance to the repeated hearing…. Santhosh has taken scrutinizing effort over reducing the noise and gives more prominence to the vocalisms.

Maya Nadhi 

Singers:  Ananthu, Pradeep Kumar, Swetha Mohan 
Lyrics : Uma Devi

OMG! This is something really sweet. No words! Simply emotional… Something beyond usual paradigms and this is where; Santhosh Narayanan elevates his standard to the next level. He is a genius and this song proves it. Awesome is one word for the entire bunch of people involved in this song, especially the vocalism by Pradeep Kumar. Uma Devi picks simple words, but they impose strong emotional attachment, which embellishes romance in a much enhanced manner.

Veera Thurandhara

Singers:  Gana Bala, Lawrence, Pradeep Kumar,Roshan Jamrock 
Lyrics: Uma Devi

Maybe, for the first time you hear this song, you might wonder in what way it would enhance the Super Stardom of Thalaivar on the screens, but that’s the chemistry that exists between Santhosh and Ranjith as they know how to play it well with the visualizing and composing. Actually, such a song would be rendered with high pitched tones, but here it is softly done, but is perfectly done. This song will surely get its dose of excitements with the visuals.

Vaanam Parthen

Singers: Pradeep Kumar 
Lyrics: Kabilan 

The preludes slightly reminiscence of Maestro Ilayaraja’s Sundari from Thalapathy. But as the song proceeds with the vocalisms by Pradeep Kumar, it takes a new dimension. Yet again, it is going to be more appealing with the visuals.

Neruppa Da

Singer:Arunraja Kamaraj
Lyrics : Arunraja Kamaraj

When you’re just bounded to the assumptions that all the tracks in the album are more off soft and script oriented, the album ends with a massive blaster. This is a treat to all the ones belonging to 5-80s and you keep hearing it, your energy jumps to the next level. No words! if you’re someone, who wants your day to start off with high level energy, this should be your alarm. No way! A perfect mass number for Thalaivar Rajnikanth fans.

There is something special about this album. Unlike usual albums of Rajnikanth, this one actually gives you a clear impression or perhaps a summary of what this ‘Kabali’ is all about. Usually, we get to hear such albums from the western side, where the sound tracks appear as a part of screenplay and by listening the songs, you’ll get prepared for what this film is all about.



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