Kadaram Kondan Review

Kadaram Kondan Review

Kadaram Kondan Review

One thing that is always assured from Kamal Haasan as artiste, producer and director is that he always underplays and never tries to project his films exaggeratedly. With ‘Kadaram Kondan’, we were pretty much assured that it’s a remake. For the ones, who wanted to instantly browse through the original version’s story and sometimes even the torrent link or the Hollywood remake Point Blank, which is available on Netflix, we’re sure this will be a pretty decent flick. Here we bring you exclusive analysis with Kadaram Kondan  Review.

A young couple – Vasu (Abhi Hassan) and Aathira (Akshara Haasan) are expecting their baby girl in few days. However, their picture perfect life is turned into a complication scenario when KK (Vikram) gets into their life over an unexpected turn.

Well, Vikram fans can admire their star for his outstanding screen presence. In fact, this is a film that actually doesn’t need a well established star like him, but Vikram gives an impressive show with what he can. Being a top league actor, he remains almost numb as his character is someone hit by an accident and remain unconscious throughout the first hour. However, he unleashes his brainy and brawny stuffs by the second hour. Akshara Haasan might have very few scenes to appear, but she leaves us completely awes-stricken, where she expresses the exact emotions of a soon-to-be mother. It’s something that comes natural and not every actress is gifted with such a potential. Abhi Hassan befittingly looks perfect for his role. Ghibran’s BGM is the greatest strength as he is the sole reason behind escalating the film’s ‘thriller’ impact with his work.

As on whole, Kadaram Kondan turns up to be a decently executed thriller. Yes, Rajesh M Selva had more scope to unleash his directorial proficiency through his debut film ‘Thoonga Vanam’. Over here, the supporting characters don’t have much to steal the spotlights, but he has appealed perfectly with the available sources.


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