Sweet moments shared with special ones are the signs of love that one could definitely experience. It’s a feel that isn’t accompanied with hormonal shoot ups or pleasures, but something soulful. Korean films are magnificently the ones that strongly come up with such films. Loosely inspired from a movie of such a decorous league titled ‘My Dear Desperado’, Nalan Kumarasamy applies his best translations in Tamil with naturalistic performances from Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastian.

It’s a sort of difficulty to carry on with a film of at least 2 hours seeing just couple of characters on the roll. Moreover, being a Melo-drama laced with soft moments, it becomes so much of complexities to hold the audiences focused. Thanks to Nalan for doing so! He has maturely handled the plot trying to add the decorous elements of entertainment. For all those who keep waiting for Vijay Sethupathi to express his signature style of humour and action, he gives it all in perfection, especially in second hour. In fact, the first hour goes through the establishment of these characters, the conflicts in their own worlds and it’s only by the time of intermission, they get acquainted.

There are couple of scenes that just pull away the right kind of humour – One involving Vijay and Madonna boozing up and other one is the penultimate sequence of protagonist making up for Madonna’s delay for interview. They are so much blended with emotions too, especially the climax that keeps you urged up to see them united.

Santhosh Narayanan’s songs don’t become a barrier in hampering the drama for most of them are montage based ones. ‘Ka Ka Ka Po’ song deliberately looks like the one for the commercial treat. The music director could try out something different stepping out from his usual pattern of background and original songs composing..

One thing that we need to specify about Vijay Sethupathi is that he clearly knows his strengths and boundaries and keeps himself best on it. This lets him streak the series of success consistently and this one is yet another convincing spell. The greatest strength of Madonna Sebastian is that she lets you forget her ‘Celine’ image so easily in two minutes of the first scene. It’s not an easy task for someone who is carrying the substantial brand and let it get eclipsed. Samuthirakani gets miniscule prominence and the one we see as Vijay Sethupathi’s close associate as an innocuous chap on his best.

Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum is a splendid, soft and beautiful love story that doesn’t carry the stereotypical traits of what the contemporary romantic tales carry with kisses and hugs.





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