The drama of Arjun impressing Priya and her family continues. What makes the even the ordinary or mediocre sequences in this series is the screen presence of the characters – Arjun and Priya. The director’ s narration, sensible background score make even the simple dialogues splendid.

“When you’re able to take up the ‘Chicken Mission’, Why not I try something for you?” – Such lines by Arjun are quite commendable.

By the end of this episode, we are introduced to a twist of shock, where Arjun enquires at mobile customer care staff reveals that the documents of Arjun had been submitted to them along with his signature. Arjun has actually discovered who could have done this and they are one among his family members.

Meanwhile, Eeshwar plans something evil by playing a tricky game through his innocent wife Sukanya to steal a business file from Arjun.


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