With the previous episode on a suspense note, Arjun reveals that the forgery signature was made by none other than his own sister Sukanya. Priya furthermore reveals that if she had done this before three months, it could have been for her husband Eeswar. Meanwhile, Sukanya has managed to steal the documents involving Arjun’s business deal and take it outside her home. Arjun and Priya inform their house members that Eeshwar is the culprit behind the accident of Manju since the white coloured luxurious car was gifted to Aditya by Ashok on his birthday. Meanwhile, Arjun has the cops invited to his home for the statement of his mother-in-law Manju to reveal the moments before accident, but to a surprise, she mentions something contradictory. While Priya and her family members are perplexed in accordance to her false statement… As the cops leave the place, Priya discovers that a head band is left in the sofa, which belongs to none other than Dhanam, her mother-in-law, which clearly signifies that she has forced Manju to tell so.

That’s a pretty interesting twist and we have to wait till Monday to see what’s gonna happen next.

The background score and cinematography for this particular episode is very well done that enhances the raciness and momentum.


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