Twist in Manju’s accident – Suspense continues

Keeping the viewers in suspense for a span of two days, today’s episodes reveals the flashback where Manju reveals the reason to her daughter Priya behind false statement to cops. She mentions that Arjun’s mother Dhanam had pleaded Manju not to complaint against Eeshwar as it will ruin the life of her daughter Sukanya.

But Arjun intervenes again and makes both his mother and mother-in-law understand the cruelness of Eeshwar and convince them affirm the truth to police.

Sooner, Arjun accompanied by police comes to Ashok’s place, where Eeshwar is taking refuge. But when the cops reveal the proof of evidence, there seems to be a shocking reaction among Ashok, Eeshwar and Vandana.

Now we have to wait till tomorrow to see, if there could be either Ashok or Vandana who had done the accident and not Eeshwar.

Suspense continues…. Can’t wait till tomorrow though!!!


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