Kamal Haasan clarifies on fake statement about Tax and Government


Recently, some of the media channels had published an article pertaining to the statement on Kamal Haasan questioning Government about where is Tax money has gone in such deplorable situation to help the flood victims. This had created an inevitable issue and the honourable cabinet minister of Tamil Nadu – O Panneer Selvam had even alleged Kamal Haasan of such statements. Now the actor returns back to the situation in citing that he had never made such statements and here is the translation of the letter he had penned to all media channels.

“Before few days, there had news spread about my statement on questioning Government about where my tax money has vanished in such critical situation of not helping the victims of flood. I would like to make it clear that I had never made such a statement and there wasn’t any interview made as well.  My statement was typed in English and mailed to the North Indian journalist friend and a plain translation in Tamil is what has been published in many regional newspapers. My letter was all about the concern for flood affected victims and I had never mentioned the term ‘Tamil Nadu State Government’ anywhere in the letter and didn’t mark anything upon my tax pay. If interrogating on this tax issue was my concern, I wouldn’t have openly produced the expenses of my annual income and honestly paid the taxes…

For the past few days, there hasn’t been a proper distribution of newspapers to my home. The mobile and telephone network had connectivity issues. And only through such calls and mails got to know about the news that was published on my account…. I never have any intention to hide away from the issues. I now disapprove of my beliefs that Truth will be exposed by itself and there are situations, where we need to explain the TRUTH to all. Although, the fake stories about me have been spreading out, I had requested my group of people, who belong to all religions and atheism to work on their part in extending their help to the needy and poor. I felt let me answer back or handle this query on me later, but it has sprouted out into a monstrous issue apparently.

I would like to make it clear that this letter of clarification is not a reply to the issues raised by Honourable O Panneer Selvam. But I want to make sure that workers at political parties and my Iyakkam members should be united in peace and harmony in reviving the situation. My Iyakkam members have been constantly supporting the Government irrespective of who the ruling party is.

I make a humble confession that if the so-called ‘WORDS’ that I didn’t actually mention had even hurt your feelings, I am so sorry about it.”



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