Karu Music Review


Music director Sam CS has evidently become the most favourite of everyone in  Tinsel Town after his Chartbuster album ‘Vikram Vedha’. He has been consistently working on many projects and here is ‘Karu’ starring Sai Pallavi and Naga Shaurya in lead roles. Director Vijay’s films always have decent prominence for songs with whoever the music director might be. Let us see how this new combination of Vijay and Sam CS has worked out here in ‘Karu’.


Singer: Swagatha S. Krishnan

Lyricist: Madhan Karky

Sam CS has distinctly encompassed an emotional package with the musical components. If this song had a Karaoke version, it would definitely give you a much clear perception of his impressive intelligence in orchestral work. The song shifting from major to minor scales with an ease is achieved by Swagatha S Krishnan. The song is so much appealing in all terms, but Sam CS could have avoided that jerk song in guitars, which is not appropriate for the song, though it is not noticeable blatantly.


Singers : Sathyaprakash D, Neha Venugopal, JKA Shalini

Lyricist : Madhan Karky

Somewhere in the middle of song, we get reminded off AR Rahman’s 90s era. Sam CS has done a marvelous job amalgamating the vocalisms and instruments. The flute, guitars and percussions give fusion like impact, especially with Nathaswaram. Such a beautiful work by Sam CS. The choice of singers – Sathya Prakash, D Neha Venugopal and JKA Shalini enliven the song with more celebratory vibrations.


Singer: K. S. Chitra

Lyricist: Madhan Karky

Emotions, Melody and K.S. Chitra – These three words are more than enough for any music lover to predict how the song is all about. Especially, when it’s something about pathos and lamentations, it turns to be an eye-moistening experience. Such is the song ‘Karuve’, which leaves you so much inclined. The strings that accompany the intonating vocalisms as chords are stupendous. The painful emotions of a mother over the desolated baby have been very well expressed through Madhan Karky’s lyrical lines.

Voice of Karu

Performed By Chennai Orchestra

The previous song ‘Karuve’ has been taken as the source and is performed in orchestra. This version has so much of heavy work on orchestral part, especially the cellos, violins and strings add up a tremendous impact. The little chimes we hear in between them creates a sense of eeriness too.

Sound of Revenge

Performed By Chennai Orchestra

The usage of chimes was slightly less in the previous track, but here it is found in plethora. It’s been a ritualistic practice of musical part in horror movies, right from ‘Child’s Play’, where the chimes have found a huge place. Over here, Sam CS utilizes them perfectly along with other instruments.

Sam CS has been carefully nurturing his career graph with incessant hard work, which is evident in every album. He looks so much prodigious when it comes to heavy instrumental quotients. It is so much illustrious in all the songs, especially during the last couple of theme scores. All that we can say for now is that we can’t wait to listen the OST of Karu and it would be really elating if the makers unveil them even before the theatrical release.


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