Anandhi shot to fame through a commendable performance in ‘Kayal’ and later was offered with good roles, but unfortunately was cornered with some mixed review for ‘Trisha illana Nayantara’, where she shared screen space with GV Prakash and Manisha Yadav in lead roles. Recently speaking to one of the media channels, Anandhi opened up saying, “When Adhik Ravichandran approached me for the film, he never told me that Trisha Illana Nayantara is an adult comedy. He told me that it’s a beautiful poignant love story of adolescence. Lately, when I got to know the fact during the climax shooting, where I had to speak some double entendre lines, I was completely shocked. After watching the film, I was so much disappointed as I completely hate adult comedy films. In future, I will never sign any movies with Adhik Ravichandran.”




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