Keni Movie Review


The story is set in the background 2 small villages in Tamil Nadu-Kerala border. The Kerala village is fertile and full of greenery – the Tamil Nadu village is starved of water. They depend on the common well which is objected by the Kerala village.

The film depicts the struggle. Environmentalists observe that water will be as good as gold in the future. The historians say that the 3rd World War may happen due to water issues. Director Nishad has taken this aspect.

Jayapradha visits her husband’s village after a long gap. As the house was left unattended for a long time, the well in the house is shown to be on the Kerala side. Jayapradha decides to fight to get it back and help the Tamil Nadu village.

The cast of the film is quite heavy – Jayapradha, Parthiban, Nasser, Revathi, Anu Hassan, Thalaivasal Vijay, M. S. Bhaskar, and Rekha have acted. But the screenplay deprives the scope for them to perform. Only Parvathi Nambiar has scope to show her talent.

The film unfolds as seen in the eyes of 3 press reporters. However, almost every character has a flashback to tell and it creates confusion.

Muslims are shown as terrorists and the protesters are shown as Maoists by the police. However, all several issues prove to be an overdose in the film without focus. The dialogues are also not up to the mark never making an impact in a forceful theme.

The one redeeming aspect is the cinematography by Naushad Sheriff. Especially, he has successfully brought our green side and the drought side quite nicely.

The film is rather lengthy. Logic gets defeated in several scenes – Nair’s tea shop has abundant water when the rest of the village struggles for the same!

Overall, an opportunity of depicting a well-chosen topic in a proper way has been lost in Keni.


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