Kolamaavu Kokila Movie Review

Kolamaavu Kokila Movie Review

Before few years, we happened to see a scintillating teaser of STR’s dropped film ‘Vettai Mannan’.  If not you can have a look at the teaser even now. Precisely, Nelson’s presentation was so much awe-inspiring that it gave a complete new shade to STR himself. Alas! Things got shelved and after a long hiatus, the young filmmaker Nelson popped up under spotlights for ‘Kolamaavu Kokila’. Everything involving the title font to the latest trailer turned to be a spellbinding one.  Thanks to Anirudh’s Midas-touch! The songs had it all flocking up more crowds along with Nayanthara’s incredulous fan base. Let us check out in this Kolamaavu Kokila Movie Review on how well the film works well.

Certainly, there are few instant cherry-picks in the flick, which has Nayanthara’s characterization sketched impeccably perfect. Don’t call her innocent, maybe you could be chiseled for her slow blinked moistened eyes, but her smart as whip tactics keeps you stunned.  But in most episodes, her power is showcased only through slow motion walks, which could have been limited. In fact, her real mass moment arrives only by the point of intermission, where you’ll unconsciously applaud with a smile. But that’s a sudden like a fast moving comet that vanishes abruptly.

While the first hour with 80 minutes duration proceeds with decent momentum and good package, we are assured with assumptions that the rest of one hour is going to be much more engrossing. In contrast, it looks too stretched and turns us slightly restless. The drama looks slightly repeated, especially with the conflict.  All the male characters trying to assault the protagonist actually starts eclipsing the major crisis in many places.

Even the other characters don’t gain its prominence after some time, except for Yogi Babu who doesn’t miss to tickle your funny bones. The one playing the role of Tony is the showstopper, where he offers laughter in limitless mode.  Saravanan as police officer is projected as a cop with unconventional brilliance, but by the end is reduced to a subnormal one. Saranya Ponvannan is good as before by doing what is asked from her. Vijay TV fame Jacqueline is perfect. Hareesh Peradi is excellent. Anbuthasan is excellent with his dialogue deliveries and body language.

In few episodes, we tend to draw assumptions that Vignesh Shivn takes over the ‘Captain of Ship’ task from Nelson. Anirudh’s BGM is just passable and the only song that has its flawless attention is through ‘Edhuvaraiyo’. Special mention to art department for working intensely on minute details and you’ll agree looking at the backdrops and properties used in there. Cinematography is appreciable, especially for the indoor shots.

If the second half was crafted with much more engaging moments and raciness, Kolamaavu Kokila would have been a stunning entertainer.


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