Kolamaavu Kokila Music Review

Kolamaavu Kokila Music Review

Kolamaavu Kokila Music Review

Nayanthara’s upcoming film Kolamaavu Kokila has been the talk of Tinsel Town. Ever since, the first look was unveiled, there have been more anticipations. In addition, the big brands like Nayan and Anirudh coming together indeed are a huge attraction. Nelson is directing this film and Lyca Productions is producing it. While Sivakumar Vijayan is the cinematographer, R Nirmal is editing the visuals. As known earlier, Anu Vardhan is designing costumes. Magesh is choreographing stunts. Starviews brings you exclusive analysis of Anirudh’s musical in this Kolamaavu Kokila Music Review.


Singers: Sean Roldan & Gautham Vasudev Menon

Lyrics: Vivek & Gautham Vasudev Menon

Anirudh is always known for getting top-notch sound quality in all his songs. ‘Sound’ has always been prominent, irrespective of being a melodious track or a power-pumping fast beat number. In all likelihood, Edhuvaraiyo stands out to be a perfect example. While listening to the song on best sound systems, we get to realize the detailing of sound. Rhythmic arrangement happens to be the next absolute attraction in this song. Moreover, you will definitely find the traces of ‘Chill Out Mix’ shades with the rhythmic approach here. These days, Keba Jeremiah has easily managed to gain our attention with his guitar works. They genuinely beautify the song adding to the emotional feel.

Sean Roldan is always on his best when it comes to songs with emotions. He instantly gains our attention by the initial moments. Gautham Vasudev Menon’s voiceover comes as a surprise. But, we tend to notice he is always offered stereotypical voiceovers. More than all, the song gives the best experience with catchy lyrics and music. It is noteworthy that Vivek owns a unique style of lyrical composing. It involves simple yet catchy lines and we can experience it all here.

Definitely, Edhuvaraiyo will instantly have a greater reception. There is no doubt! It will be a slow poison getting into your senses.

Kalyana Vayasu

Singer: Anirudh

Lyrics: Sivakarthikeyan

In contrast to the first track, Anirudh commutes us to a mirth of experience listening to this number. Especially, after watching the visuals featuring Yogi Babu, the hilarious quotients are taken to the pinnacle. Sivakarthikeyan’s lyrical lines are no different from Vignesh Shivn’s style, but it’s simple and commendable too.

Orey Oru
Singers: Anirudh and Jonita Gandhi
Lyrics: Vignesh Shivn

A beautifully rendered number, where the percussions that happen to be the favourite of Anirudh are avoided by him. But then, the output is so much blissful and it turns to be a slow poison as we keep hearing it over and again. Jonita Gandhi alongside Anirudh gives a beautiful effect and not to miss the guitar strokes by Keba Jeremiah.

Kabiskabaa CoCo – The Gibberish Song
Singer: Arunraja Kamaraj

It’s out and out LOL moment! The song has its own way to keep you completely engrossed, which is a pioneer of its kind from Anirudh. The retro styled music that comes with Arunraja vocalizing with chorus give a fun-filled experience.

Thittam Poda Theriyala
Singer: Anirudh
Lyrics: Vignesh Shivn

The song has lazy beats, but has its way of capturing your senses when heard on headphones. The sound mixing is the first and foremost attention grabbing element and the music director has focused more into it. In fact, they enhance the intonating style of Anirudh to a much greater magnitude.

Gun-In Kadhal
Singers: Vijay Yesudas and Arunraja Kamaraj
Lyrics: Vignesh Shivn

Despites the fact that the song is shorter in duration; it has its own way to impress us unconditionally. Vijay Yesudas’ rendition is the greatest reason and by the end we find he Gibberish impact by Arunraja emblazoning it.

On the whole, Kolamaavu Kokila endows the listeners with a different kind of experience. Usually, there would be a same pattern followed by Anirudh in all his albums. But in this one, we find that each song differs in it style and presentation.

  • 75%
    - 75%


Fresh and completely soul imbibing album with some humorous strokes in between.


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