Mercury Teaser Review

Mercury Teaser

Mercury Teaser Review – Thrills, Chills and Big Sound

Choreographer actor turned filmmaker Prabhu Deva is all set to offer us a never-seen-before surprise. He plays the lead role in Karthik Subbaraj’s Mercury. The film is a silent thriller, which will have no dialogues. Mercury teaser has been released now.  Karthik Subbaraj is known for his movies like Pizza, Jigarthanda and Iraivi. Santhosh Narayanan has composed music. There are interesting things that we notice in the teaser. The first one among them is its connection to ‘Don’t Breathe’. The Hollywood movie rarely has dialogues. Much specifically, Prabhu Deva’s introduction is so much reminding us off hero in ‘Don’t Breathe’. Other characters hiding in fear inside a room also has a similar resemblance though. Possibly, these could be the only similarities.

Technical flash points of Mercury Teaser

Mercury Teaser

Sound happens to be the special highlight in the technical part in Mercury Teaser. In a precise manner, Sound Designer Kunal Rajan is definitely going to take home more credits and acclaims. Karthik Subbaraj maintains a low profile by not giving a jarring music. Cinematographer Thirunavukkarasu has used a ‘Green Tint’ with some dark grade. It creates absolute eeriness.

Narrative flash points of Mercury Teaser

Mercury Teaser

When life is at war, the powerful scream is silence.” Again, these words give us a close connection to ‘Don’t Breathe’. But, again this is just a guess an audience.  In Mercury teaser, we see the message on graveyard with a Gender symbol over top, which is puzzling. “In the Memory of 84 People died in this Town due to Mercury poisoning in 1992.”  Over the top, there is Female Gender sign. Usually, there is a CROSS above any graveyard. But a small half circle over the female gender sign. So is it about a ‘Mother and unborn child’. Karthik Subbaraj keeps us so much guessing.


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