Nenjil Thunivirundhal Movie Review


Suseenthiran always believes that a movie made with newcomers and not so bigger star-cast will bring all credits to a filmmaker on its success. ‘Nenjil Thunivirundhal’ has a league of star-cast that that are awaiting a lift towards next level. Sundeep Kishan, Vikranth, Soori, Mehreen and Harish Uthaman are seen in lead roles.

Sundeep Kishan plays an ordinary guy with simplicity with his family consisting of loveable mother (Tulasi) and younger sister, a doctor by profession. His friends mean a lot to him, especially his buddy Mahesh (Vikranth), who in turn is in relationship with Sundeep’s close friend without his knowledge. Things take a turn when the city’s most powerful goon (Harish Uthaman) hatches a plan to kill Mahesh.

The entire first half travels without any intentions. It holds nothing in connection to what the story beholds in second half. Even the romantic scenes between Sundeep and Mehreen are so feeble. We get to see the screenplay too much slow until the actual pace that picks up by interval. The second half has appreciable moments with writing laced with suspense and thriller elements.

Sundeep Kishan had a better comeback in Tamil cinema with Maanagaram, but over here, he doesn’t get a powerful scope. Mehreen appears in blink and miss role. Vikranth is excellent with his performance. Harish Uthaman as a baddie has done complete justice to his role. Soori doesn’t get to offer laughter in his erstwhile movies with Suseenthiran. Tulasi overacts in many places in the name of emotions. The police officer who travels along with Sundeep Kishan throughout the film to investigate is nothing but a funny cop, who doesn’t do anything serious rather than respecting Sundeep’s order.

Musical score by D Imman can be appreciated, especially with the background score. Lakshman gives his best in cinematography.

As on whole, Nenjil Thunivirundhal has a passable second half, but the overall package looks slightly middling.

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A weak first half and average second half makes the film a mediocre presentation.


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