Does NGK kill his parents? – Selvaraghavan’s hidden layers of NGK


Selvaraghavan is always entitled as the ‘Maverick’ filmmaker, who never misses to break the stereotypical paradigms of filmmaking and offer us something new. ‘Expect the unexpected’ can be regarded as the common tagline of his movies. To understand his movies, one needs to invest more attention and focus as it’s almost like an iceberg view from the top and bottom. Before few hours, Selvaraghavan had tweeted saying, “Thanks for the overwhelming support & love for #NGK Grateful.The love have shown is truly remarkable. And as some you guessed, the character of #NGK has lot of hidden layers & secrets. It’s easy to find when you watch the film closely. Enjoy the film with family and friends” (Sic)

Having said this, it lets us revisit some of the moments in NGK (a) Nandha Gopala Kumaran.

Relationship (Affair) of NGK and Vanathi Thiagarajan

On his return back to home, Geetha Kumari (Sai Pallavi) senses that her husband NGK is having the smell of ladies perfume and she even brings up with her intellectual permutation and combination guesses. Similarly, when NGK barges into the hotel room of Vanathi, we see that there’s a hidden cheeky statement about the bathroom having no opaque doors, which is instantly followed by ‘Anbe’ song. We see Rakul in bath robe and even Suriya’s dress is changed as well. This might be considered as the hidden layers of their affair. In contrast, this could have been an insistence from Suriya & Co as the actor always showing such acts in his movies. Who can forget AGS Entertainment spending additional money to create some CG technology for his Liplock with Kajal Aggarwal in ‘Maattraan’. In fact, he learnt this psychotic nature from none other than this friend (Rajkumar) with the terminal illness of cancer, who kills himself and gets the sympathy.

Does NGK predict his parents’ death or it’s his premeditated murder?

The penultimate to climax scene has TV channels flashing the news that NGK will be felicitated by the party leaders. While his mother (Uma Padmanabhan) watches the news and turns back to look NGK, she asks him “Ennada Pei Pudicha Maadhiri Irukka” (Are you possessed with some ghost?” He asks his parents to look at him for the one last time. Many might wonder thinking that he is saying so because the politicians will kill him. In fact, they plan an attack against him in the market, while he goes with his wife to the meeting in cycle. Why did he choose to go by cycle is yet another big question. But the deepest layer is that he is a ‘Mad man’ as his mother says by the initial stages, “Everyone is mad and my son is mad about the country”. So, he murders his parents to gain sympathy and yes, he makes it all to the top of public glare.


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