A remake of super hit Malayalam film ‘Shutter’, Editor Antony makes his debut directorial with this film featuring Sathyaraj, Anu Mol, Varun and Yughi Sethu in the star-cast with MS Prabhu on cinematography and Naveen on musical score.

Four characters – Sekhar (Sathyaraj), a middle-aged man who has just returned from Singapore, an auto driver (Varun), a sex worker (Anu Mol) and a filmmaker (Yugi Sethu) who lost his script. Situations bring these characters together over a crucial night, where the unexpected events happen and these lives are never the same again.

As the original version title in Malayalam suggests ‘Shutter’, the complete story is set against the backdrops of this place. First hour proceeds with some light moments, where Editor Antony making his debut directorial with this film has tried to modify certain scenes. He has managed to delete few from the original version and included fresh sequences. He deserves special mention for this unique trait, which makes the film more engrossing.

What steal the show are the characterisations of every actor, especially Sathyaraj and Yugi Sethu. Sathyaraj plays someone who instantly believes what he sees instead of getting in depth to realise the exact meaning. Yugi Sethu deserves the best appreciations for delivering an exotically unparalleled performance and his dialogues turn to be more outstanding as well. Anu Mol tries to give a good show and her performance is good in places. Varun doesn’t have much to perform than to stare and give some mediocre eye expressions as possible.

There isn’t any scope for songs through, but cinematography by MS Prabhu is worthy of appreciations.

For the ones, who haven’t seen the original version in Malayalam, this one could be a commendable treat as Editor Antony has manage to offer an engrossing show.

Oru Naal Iravil Movie Rating


Engrossing and racy in parts


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