Few more days are left for the most ravishing film ‘Pasanga 2’ to hit screens and it looks like the family audiences are curiously awaiting the moment to visit theatres together. Not often films based on ‘Children’ are made and Pandiraj has been someone, who has extensively managed to emphasize on it. Following ‘Pasanga’ and ‘Marina’, filmmaker Pandiraj makes his third attempt with Pasanga 2, which was earlier titled as ‘Haiku’.

Although, there are some assumptions that both these films – Pasanga and Pasanga 2 are set at same premises, we bring you some interesting facts that will let this upcoming release stand out completely different from the other one.

  1. As known to all Pasanga was based on children in the sub-urban geographical panorama and how they influence their families to achieve beautiful dreams. Pasanga 2 is about the Super Kids in contemporary city…
  1. Unlike Pasanga, this film deals with the problems faced by kids with high IQ levels, who might seem to be hyperactive and restless all the time. Their aggressiveness is wrongly taken as bad behaviour and parents blame them leaving the children in absolute pain.
  1. Pasanga was just a pictorial representation of how kids in villages and suburban area lead their lives, especially during their school days. But Pasanga 2 gets into more analysis of bringing a solution to ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
  1. Pasanga didn’t completely focus on kids, but a parallel track for hilarious moments for Vimal and Vega. But this one wouldn’t have such episodes and will completely focus on the main plot.
  1. More than all, the script of Pasanga 2 has more elements, more engaging than Pasanga and that is the main reason behind Suriya accepting the offer of Pandiraj to produce and play the extended cameo role in this movie.


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